Broomfield House School has taken over the well established and much loved Sunflower Montessori Nursery in St Margarets this week.

This is the second nursery to come under the Broomfield House School umbrella which includes Kew Montessori School as well. The new Sunflower Headteacher is Susan Vick. She has been Headteacher of Broomfield’s other nursery school, Kew Montessori, for 10 years.

Susan Vick says:

“Sunflower is such a wonderful school and I look forward to becoming a part of the Sunflower family of children, staff and parents and making the school a wonderful place for children to learn and grow.”

Headteacher and owner of Broomfield House School, Norton York, comments:

“Sunflower is a great school already, and we look forward to helping build on its success and to making the experience our Sunflower pupils have even more special. Sunflower pupils will also get priority on places when applying to Broomfield and we look forward to building the links between our three schools even closer.”

Sunflower offers places to children from rising 3’s up to 5, at reception age. Children can come 5 mornings a week, and for afternoons Monday to Friday as well. There are also holiday clubs planned for Sunflower pupils as well.