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Twickenham Bus Stops Move from 2 June 2014

The central Twickenham bus stops will be relocated from King Street to Heath Road, Cross Deep and York Street on Monday 2 June.

The major improvements in King Street for both pedestrians and cyclists will provide shelters at all bus stops and, where possible, bus arrival countdowns. As part of this work, nine new bus stops have been installed in the new locations and will be operational from 2 June. Staff from London Buses will be available at bus shelters on 2 June to answer any enquiries.

29 May 2014 | news

Orleans House 2015 exhibitions: Seeking submissions

If you are an artist or group of artists looking for an exhibition venue, we are still receiving exhibition proposals for our 2015 Stables Gallery and Riverside Gallery programmes.

29 May 2014 | news

Event Reminder: Talk on Henrietta Howard

On Saturday, 7 June 2014 at 4.30 pm for 5 pm at Marble Hill House, Bruce Gordon-Smith will give a talk on “Henrietta Howard and her servants - Below stairs at Marble Hill a perk or a penance?”

29 May 2014 | around_town

Event Reminder: Emily Saunders with special guest Mobo-nominated saxophonist Tony Kofi

On 1 June 2014 Emily Saunders hosts and performs at TheJazzMix the first of a fortnightly season of vibey Sunday lunchtime collaborative jazz events featuring stellar musicians of the London and global jazz scene. Emily’s new album ‘Outsiders Insiders’ is released later this year, the follow-up to her critically acclaimed debut ‘Cotton Skies’.

29 May 2014 | around_town

Lib Dems Sweep St Margarets!

Looks like the Liberal Democrats have won the St Margarets and North Twickenham ward, gaining a additional seat. However, the rest of the council looks distinctly Conservative.

23 May 2014 | news

The Vicar of Isleworth

Hands up everybody who is really excited about the current elections! Oh, the fun of it all. Local and European! Home and Away! The endless blethering, the armies of campaigners banging on the door, the piles of promises yet to be broken heaping up on the door mat and the myriad of prospective politicians demanding our attention and our vote. Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem, Green, UKIP, Independent, UUP, British Democrats, Sinn Fein, Scottish Nationalist, We Demand a Referendum, Plaid Cymru and on and on… all the sign of a healthy if rather overheated democracy.

22 May 2014 | around_town

Event Reminder: Talk about Phippy - 2 June 2014

The Museum of Richmond’s collection contains many items and information on the Georgian period. In order to join the celebrations marking the beginning of this important era, the museum is organising the following talk…

22 May 2014 | around_town

Help Busk for Charity - 7 June 2014

Is anybody free to help us with busking on Sat 7th June at St Margarets Tavern, 1-3pm for a very worthy cause- Twickenham based Off The Record whose volunteer counsellors help children and young people that’s lost its funding.

22 May 2014 | around_town

Make and Create Exhibition at the Riverside Gallery - 31 May to 18 July 2014

Make & Create showcases affordable, attractive crafted items for the home, ranging from prints, quilts, embroidery, felt, rugs, glassware, ceramics, and mixed media works.

The exhibition brings together 26 artists and craftspeople from across the country who submitted work via open submission.

22 May 2014 | around_town

Weekly Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes with Youla Faita RYT

Explore the mental and physical benefits of Yoga in this dynamic open level class. We will move through a creative sequence of postures, practice breathing techniques, finishing with a restorative session.

22 May 2014 | around_town

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