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At Age UK Richmond we work with 1,000’s of older people every year. We have a wealth of in-house specialisms and are the experts in understanding our client’s needs. For example, we know that a percentage of people face extreme difficulties in looking after their home, going out to the shops, having someone to talk to or indeed having someone to accompany them on visits to meet up with an old friend.

Without this help, we find that our clients do cope, but, their quality of life is not as good as it could be. It is also very difficult to find a reliable service which offers this help and we hear stories of great struggles to find someone reliable to help them in their home.

For this reason we are starting a new ‘Premier Housekeeping Service’. It is a service which will offer not just help in the home but will also offer a valuable package of in depth support, access to all our specialised services and help to improve quality of life.

The Premier Housekeeping Service will offer:

  • Housework (dusting, hoovering, bed making, cleaning)
  • Laundry
  • Shopping
  • Prescription collection
  • Preparing light snacks
  • Writing letters or keeping up correspondence (email, Skype) on behalf of the client
  • Other assistance may be possible as agreed between the client and the Co-ordinator.

We need reliable Housekeeping staff

To help us to fulfil our vision of this much needed service we require reliable, trustworthy, hard working and exceptional Housekeepers. Recruiting the right person for this role is key to the success of the new service. We will only consider applicants who address all the points in the person specification.