Engineering Update - Barnes to Clapham Junction (Monday 23 September)

Our engineers have informed us today (Sunday) that they estimate they will need more time to complete improvement work between Barnes and Clapham Junction. Vital minutes of engineering work time have been lost between works commencing this morning due to the following reasons:

Work at the site to lay new sleepers has taken longer than expected. The team have also had a few problems with freight train services that have been delayed on site bringing materials to and from the work place area. Time has also been taken up repositioning plant (operational vehicles) on site.

Our engineers are exploring all possible avenues to make up the time lost and will keep us updated on whether they are able to make up the time overnight and into Monday Morning.

We are strongly advising customers travelling through Barnes to Clapham Junction to check before they travel.

Customers are advised that if the team working on the ground are unable to make up the time up overnight into tomorrow morning, We will advertise the a train plan that takes into account the train service alterations that we will need to make to work around the engineering area between Barnes and Clapham Junction

Individual train alterations and cancellation will be advertised on our website

This message will be updated by 04:30hrs tomorrow morning.