Over 100,000 west London residents have spoken out against any Heathrow expansion in a local referendum.

In a huge exercise in local democracy, Richmond upon Thames and Hillingdon Councils have been holding borough-wide ballots to offer residents an opportunity to express their views on the proposed expansion of Heathrow.

The results show that an overwhelming majority of residents in both boroughs (72) are against a third runway and 73 do not want to see any more flights in or out of the airport. That is over 100,000 people saying ‘No’ to both questions.

Over the four week voting period (from 22 April to 16 May) 342,514 residents were invited to cast their vote on two questions:

  • Should a third runway be built at Heathrow?
  • Are you in favour of more flights into and out of Heathrow?

140,516 returned their vote. An overall turnout of 41%.

– from a Richmond Council press release - 21 May 2013