kewtees cover

the first kids book to be set in Kew Gardens

Colin Hines was taken to Kew as a child and in turn he and his wife Ann took their daughter Clare and son Pip there countless times. In an effort to encourage more parents to take their kids to this local wonderland he has published ‘The Kewtees’ in which these tiny, plump and camourflage green creatures find themselves uprooted from their forest home and they hope from their deadly enemies, the cruel Vampees. The Kewtees have to travel far and overcome many dangers before they reach the safety of the Temperate Greenhouse at Kew Gardens. Led by the resourceful Aunt Rosa and helped by young Petal and Bud, the Kewtees plan to start a new life there, away from the dangers posed by the Vampees. But will that be possible?

The Kewtees costs just £7.99. It has 40 pages with 20 beautifully detailed colour illustrations by John Hilder.

Colin Hines is also author of Art Deco London