Answers to the a quiz.

  1. Start without warning
  2. 1908 Richmond Railway Bridge
  3. Because it is cylindrical in shape and carries no Royal cipher or Post Office identification. Pillar Box
  4. It shows the height of flooding on 7th January 1929 Slug and Lettuce
  5. 45 minutes
  6. It is the tallest plane tree in London  Gaucho
  7. ‘The River God’ or ‘Old Father Thames’.  Statue Buccleugh Gds
  8. In a lily pond at the top of Buccleugh Gardens  Bulbous Betty
  9. An Ice House and an artificial Grotto
  10. 8 knots
  11. Commander Charles Herbert Lightoller RNR DSC
  12. They mark the ends of a tunnel running under the Thames carrying a water main.
  13. The Pagoda in Kew Gardens