<a href=“http://mystmargarets.com/”" title=“St Margarets Traders Association”>St Margarets Traders Association

The St Margarets Traders Association is keen to increase the use of it’s website www.mystmargarets.com by developing new social media campaigns and exciting web site content. They are seeking a local person looking for work experience around the web and social media marketing.

You would be given support and guidance by working with the association’s web team and traders, but a fair bit of space to experiment. The role would include running a series of promotions and activities via Facebook, Twitter and the web by working with local businesses to promote St Margarets and the traders.

This opportunity is ideal for somebody wishing to develop and showcase their social media skills and in doing so enhance their CV. Applicants should have a working knowledge of social media, be a good communicator and have good literary skills.

The association is planning a series of social media marketing trials during the autumn and this opportunity could form part of coursework for a local student or budding marketing entrepreneur.

Applicants interested in this role should send their details to traders@mystmargarets.com by 20 July 2012