editor’s note: we received this email and are posting as is, as we cannot prove the allegations in the letter, but believe it deserves publishing.

Dear Editor,

Lord True (Leader of Richmond Council) and the Planning Office have covered-up a highly critical report, produced by their own advisory group, concerning the residential development over Twickenham Railway Station.

The detailed and extensive report (+80 pages) was prepared by the Twickenham Advisory Panel (TAP). Lord True formed TAP to act as an ‘honest broker’ – providing a forum for open dialogue between the community and the developer (Solum). The report was prepared to follow up the questions raised during the public consultation event held at Richmond College in July 2011.

I would like the help of your readers to obtain answers to some very basic questions from:


  1. When was the LBRuT first in possession of the TAP report?
  2. Why did Lord True and the Planning Office decide not to include the TAP report with the documents provided for the Planning Meeting held on 19th December 2011?
  3. Why was the TAP spokesman barred from the Planning Meeting even though he had registered to speak?
  4. When will TAP’s recommendations be made public?

I am sure your readers will have their own questions.

We are only likely to get a response with force of numbers.

The only way we can challenge the impact of the cover up is via a judicial review. TRAG has raised the funding for the first stage in just two weeks (+£10,000 to obtain an opinion on the case for a judicial review). We would welcome further contributions to our legal fund:


(Paypal link is at the bottom of page for credit/debit card contributions)

I will send you a link to a downloadable version of the complete document (including recommendations) as soon as it is made available.

Best regards,

Ian Blackman
Twickenham Residents Action Group (TRAG) – not TAP