Just to update you, Dr Cable has come out in support and we’re meeting him on Monday. He is raising the issue with Jeremy Hunt.

It would also help if residents could write the Council through our three local ward Councillors, who support the residents in this matter: Cllrs Acton, Khosa and Harrison

We have received a letter from the council to the studios accountants which shows the owners chose to disregard council policy…

The administrator, Mr Gerald Krasner, immediately upon his appointment, released a statement saying “It will not be retained as a studio, because there is no way of making it pay as a film studio.” And Taylor Wimpey were immediately introduced as the studio owners preferred buyer. This is failing to follow protocol as there was no public consultation.

We have also been advised that there might be a case to be pursued against the receiver on the grounds of loss of community benefit due to professional negligence. The negligence consisting of:

  • Failure to act in the public interest
  • Failure to exercise due diligence
  • Failure to follow Professional Codes of Practice

In addition there is a strong case for considering this site as a conservation area. The site abuts the Crown Road Conservation Area (LBRUT Conservation Area No 49) and The Barons/Rosslyn Road Conservation Area (LBRUT Conservation Area No 24).

Part of the Studio site is actually within Conservation Area No 24. Buildings on land within a Conservation area are treated as Listed and cannot be redeveloped or demolished without special consent.

The Save Twickenham Studios Campaign strongly urges the residents of St Margarets to write to the above councillors and register their opposition to this potential development and remind them of their displeasure at the councils failure to represent their wishes with Richmond Ice Rink and more recently Twickenham Station.

For more information, check out the website www.savetwickenhamstudios.com it shows all the dignitaries who have come out in support of us.

– from Maria Walker