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Leap Year 2012

One of the most famous Leap Year traditions is women may propose to men during this period. According to custom if they are rejected they can claim a silk gown as compensation. One of the people apparently responsible for this is Queen Margaret of Scotland (1286-1290). In 1288 a law was passed in Scotland stating … “during the rein of hir maist blissit Megeste… at lepe yeare, a mayden ladye shal hae liberte to bespeke ye man she like, albeit he refuses to taik hir to be his lawful wyfe, he shall be mulcted in ye sum of ane pundis…”

(It is worth noting that:-

  • Queen Margaret who was living in Norway at the time, was only 5 when this law was passed.
  • This Queen Margaret of Scotland is not the same Queen Margaret of Scotland (1045-1093) who was canonised in 1250 as St Margaret and whose name we have borrowed for our own small corner of paradise.)


We are at the beginning of a Leap Year with 366 days to look forward to rather than the standard 365 and this is the week when the additional day makes its appearance – 29th February.

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29 February 2012 | around_town

Looking Good Martyn Day!

When we opened this Saturday’s Guardian, the last thing we thought we would see staring back at us was our own Martyn Day But there he was in his Nark Drool Crepe and Drape!

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26 February 2012 | editorial

Petition to Save Twickenham Film Studios

We have no time to waste!

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26 February 2012 | around_town

Joe Moretti - A Tribute to a 'Session Musician'

In the mid 1950’s a new type of singer appeared on the music scene - the teen idol. They were young, appealing and some of them were even able to hold a tune. With a little work and a change of name to something meaningful like Danny Trouble, Billy Sincere or Ricky Livid, they and their managers hoped to open a door to fame and fortune. The problem was for all their toothy smiles these performers weren’t smart enough to turn the lacklustre songs of the time into hit records. The Dannys, Billys and Rickys needed a new type of musician to support them. They had to be young, talented, in step with rock ‘n’ roll music and above all busting at the seams with new and exciting ideas. These were the players who would come up with the musical licks and hooks that would catch a listener’s attention and hold it. These were the musicians who could turn garbage into gold and in the coffee bars and skiffle cellars of Soho they found them - the session men.

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25 February 2012 | around_town

Sushi Saturdays - Photo

photo from Maddie Menzies

How are people liking the sushi?

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25 February 2012 | around_town

Book-Keeper/Administrator Wanted - Part-Time, St Margarets

We are looking for an experienced book-keeper/administrator to join our busy public relations agency.

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25 February 2012 | around_town

Review of Dolce Divas 4 Concert

An audience were treated to a wonderful concert on Saturday by the St Margarets based quartet The Dolce Divas 4 at All Saints Church, Isleworth. Consisting of two flutes, cello and piano they played a variety of different pieces ranging from Chopin to Edith Piaf. Many of the pieces were arranged for this rather unusual ensemble by cellist Noonie Minogue. Rosie Timpson, one of the flautists, also sang some of the numbers; the wonderful Speak Low by Kurt Weill with lyrics by Ogden Nash, Youkali also by Weill with words by Roger Fernay. Rosie has a clear, pure voice which is a pleasure to listen to. Angela Fogg’s accomplished piano accompanied some unusual pieces from composers such as Quantz and Doppler. Lilly Dufter-Wimmer, flautist, provided us with some extraordinary and skillful virtuoso performances most notably a spellbinding Chopin variation on a theme by Rossini. Tony Crean read Fern Hill by Dylan Thomas and sang with Rosie the final number, Fancy Forgetting by Sandy Wilson.

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25 February 2012 | around_town

River Crane Pollution October 2011 - was it the only time?

In late October 2011, when the major pollution occurred in the Crane, I posted the following to the St Margarets site

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25 February 2012 | news

Twickenham Film Studios put up for sale

Twickenham Film Studios is being sold one year before its centenary.

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18 February 2012 | news

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