The January 26 Council Cabinet meeting decided to go ahead with the ‘Expansion Of Orleans Infant And Nursery School And St Stephen’s Church Of England Junior School’.

‘… The proposals are that, in September 2012, Orleans Infant would be converted from a three-form entry infant school to a two-form entry primary and St Stephen’s Junior would be converted from a three-form entry junior to a two- form entry primary. Both schools would therefore provide statutory education of children in all year-groups from Reception to Year 6 inclusive. The proposals would create:

* a fourth Reception class across the two schools and a seventh within the local area, enabling an extra 30 children to be admitted into Reception each year; * a third school - St Stephen’s - with a reception intake in the area; and * a third geographical entry-point for Reception in the area . . ‘

The responses include one from the governors of Governing Body of Orleans Infants setting out their position in detail.

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– from Christopher J Squire