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Richmond Council Approves Expansion of Orleans and St Stephens Schools

The January 26 Council Cabinet meeting decided to go ahead with the ‘Expansion Of Orleans Infant And Nursery School And St Stephen’s Church Of England Junior School’.

30 January 2012 | news

Disorder on the Border

bq. “A good fence helpeth to keepe peace between neighbours; but let vs take heed that we make not a high stone wall, to keepe vs from meeting.”

1640 E. Rogers Letter in Winthrop Papers

The best of neighbours are not always the best of friends and so it was with Twickenham, Isleworth and Heston. For over 1,000 years they have been squabbling about something or other.

In the 7th century. Theodore, the 8th Archbishop of Canterbury, in a move to reform the fledging church, introduced a system of parishes run by a parish priest. For us this meant the parish of Isleworth, later subdivided into the parishes of Heston, Isleworth and Twickenham. All would have been well were it not for the tithes, the payment each church collected within its parish. The larger the parish the more tithes the church could collect… and where there’s tithes there’s trouble!

26 January 2012 | around_town

February Half Term at Orleans House Gallery - 2012

orleans half term

26 January 2012 | around_town

A Vast Esteat To Entertain Soe Many

bq. “Here let us trace the matchless vales of Thames, Far winding up top where the muses haunt, To Twitnam’s bowers.”

James Thomson

In the 17th century the walk along the river from Old Isleworth to Twickenham was regarded as one of the most beautiful in Britain. Even as late as 1948 local historian G.E Bate was still generally complimentary. “Although much of it is still beautiful it has lost some of the freshness and rural aspect that it then bore.”

20 January 2012 | around_town

Finally, Richmond Council Consultation on Clifden Road Site

Council statement:

20 January 2012 | news

Twickerati: Heatham House: Kids! Have Your Say (Again)

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20 January 2012 | news

Event Reminder: Catwalk Connections Fashion Show - 2 February 2012

It’s SHOW TIME! Come along to this fun ladies evening with bargain high street fashions offering BIG DISCOUNTS off the in-store prices! Famous high street fashions at CUT PRICES!

20 January 2012 | around_town

The Good Wine Shop Closes St Margarets Shop

Sadly, due to circumstances beyond our control, The Good Wine Shop will be moving out of our St Margarets Shop on Monday 23 January.

20 January 2012 | news

Green Fingered Grant for Local Charity

Local charity Richmond AID’s gardening project for disabled residents is set to receive £5,000 as part of Richmond Council’s Civic Pride Grant fund.

20 January 2012 | news

St Margarets Kumon Starts Fifth Year

St Margarets Kumon centre is now in its 5th year and we have helped numerous children from the community and local schools to do better at school. It may be Early Primary years, end of Primary school or transition to Secondary school. Many children at the St Margarets centre have been with us for 4 years now. It is important before starting Kumon to have a goal in mind so you know what you are aiming for. We have helped children prepare for tests in Independent schools, 11+ and Grammar schools because Kumon takes you ahead of school curriculum and assists in speed, concentration and accuracy.

20 January 2012 | around_town

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