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Twickerati: Twickenham Station Plans Approved

Solum Regeneration’s plans for Twickenham station were approved by Richmond Council’s Planning Committee last night. At a long and sometimes stormy meeting at York House the cases for and against were presented. Despite the ruling Tory Council having recently adopted an SPD planning framework for the area which wanted a maximum of five stories at the station, the Committee decided to vote through the plans anyway. So that shiny new SPD is clearly a complete waste of time.

20 December 2011 | news

'Here We Go a'Thomasing!'

or a Guide to Safe and Sensible Carol Singing.

And if you haven’t started already then you need to get on with it now. According to centuries old tradition carol singing - or ‘Thomasing’ as it was once known - should kick off on St Thomas’s Day, the 21st December . On this day people would go out into the streets, singing carols and collecting small gifts of money and, note this, drink!

15 December 2011 | around_town

Yoga Class at the Bingham Hotel

Chris James Yoga

15 December 2011 | around_town

Choral Workshop and Concert - 28 January 2012

Eternal Light, a Requiem by Howard Goodall

15 December 2011 | around_town

Please help us 'Phil the Boat'

We want to collect all types of unwanted textiles including: Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Belts, Hats, Curtains, Towels, and Bedding. We have teamed up with textile recycler “Phil the Bag” who will convert your clothes into cash to enable the Richmond Venturer to take people with disabilities for trips on the River Thames.

15 December 2011 | around_town

Yellowwedge Xmas Ordering 2012

cheese xmas tree


13 December 2011 | around_town

Twickenham Station Planning Meeting - 19 December 2011

The station scheme 11/1443/FUL will be the main business at the Planning Committee meeting on Monday, 19 December starting at 7 pm; the papers will be published 5 clear working days before the meeting. THe meeting will be held in the Clarendon Hall with an overflow in the council chamber. The meeting will also be webcast

10 December 2011 | news

Photos from the St Margarets Christmas Fair 2011

What a great day! Here are some photos to remember it by.

8 December 2011 | around_town

Parody, Pills and Pink Pyjamas

Parody is one of those fine grammatical terms like anaphora, chiasmus and synedoche that English teachers understand and the rest of us don’t. Simply put a parody is a spoof or send-up by means of humorous, satirical or ironic imitation. Ben Johnson sums it up rather nicely in his 1598 publication ‘Every Man in His Humour’…

8 December 2011 | around_town

Christmas Services 2011

Here is a list of church services for Christmas Eve and Christmas for some local churches.

8 December 2011 | around_town

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