In the week that Richmond upon Thames has been confirmed as a host for the Olympic Torch Relay next July, the Leader of Richmond Council has urged organisers to ensure that the Council is fairly funded for all the local Olympic events and that the local residents do not have to foot an additional bill on top of the £1.8 million they have already paid for the Olympics this year alone.

The London Olympic Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG) has confirmed that the Olympic Torch Relay will visit the borough on the 24 and 27 July 2012, being the only borough in London that will see the torch twice.

As part of its tour around the UK, the Olympic Torch will visit over 1,000 villages, towns and cities, including all London boroughs. Whilst LOCOG have made this commitment to Londoners, no additional funding has been provided to local areas to meet the costs of hosting the parade.

– from a Richmond Council press release on 11 November 2011