Duck Pond Photos

Duck Pond Market is launching in Richmond on October 23rd, and will be a weekly Sunday market, taking place in the beautiful setting of Heron Square, just off Richmond (Bridge) Road, George Street and the riverside. Entrance is free, and the market will be open 10.30am - 3.30pm every Sunday. We’d love to see you there!

New mum-preneur Caron Pook started the Duck Pond Market in Ruislip with just 38 stalls in 2008 as a way to bring her passion for ethically-sourced products, organic foods and local community together in a fun, friendly and beautiful environment. Over the past three years, it’s gone from strength to strength, attracting market-goers from all over London and gathering interest from local councils and national media. Duck Pond is now a thriving local market, boasting over 100 quality stalls, with more joining every month with a strong ethos of ‘Interesting, Local and Ethical’. Caron Pook, the owner of the markets, makes sure that every stall that is accepted fits into this standard. High quality locally made stalls run by the crafts-person are the majority of the stalls she accepts, then there are UK made items that aren’t easily found on the High Street, a fair bit of vintage, and lastly ethical stalls - these include fair trade items etc, and anything that is beautiful and made in an ethical manner, ie supporting underprivileged people from all walks of life all around the world.

“I love the idea that customers coming to Duck Pond Market can be assured that the things they buy there come from a ‘good place’! Supporting our local community and cottage industries is so important - as is buying ethically - and being sure that nothing that you are buying at the market is exploiting anybody in any way is a great way to do a conscience free shop! I have had a number of local people come to Duck Pond market to launch a business, and continue on to grow their business way beyond markets! It’s a great way to see if what you’re making, sourcing etc is of interest to customers and has potential. I also have customers coming to the market to promote themselves - purely promotion - not selling anything, as we get so many people through the doors that it’s a great way to let them know about your business - local musicians for example do very well coming to ‘busk’ and promote their services, be it wedding singers, singing telegrams, choirs, local theatre groups promoting their currents shows or even potential popstars…the list is endless but adds a lovely unpredictable atmosphere to the market. Massage and other holistic treatments work well too, particularly in the summer months as do local face painters – get to meet all the local parents and hopefully book some parties!”