There was some confusion as to which cards were trial cards and why would someone have to re-register. We asked the Richmond Council and here is their answer:

Registered RichmondCards have the swirl design (as pictured below)

Image - richmond_card

Trial cards are white with black print only (no design)

The trial cards were designed to give our residents a ‘taster’ for the new resident discount scheme introduced throughout June 2011. The required provision for such cards was to provide ‘free parking sessions’ up to 30 minutes and 10% discount on paying for parking for longer stays. The trial cards were considered in understanding of the majority resident customer base, being those in the under 75 years of age category which are specifically entitled to the above mentioned parking benefits. RichmondCards are a payment device, therefore to use them to pay to park; it is required to pre-load cards with credit which will satisfy the charge at the place of parking.

For Richmond residents who only currently possess a trial card (which expired on 31 August 2011), they will need to please apply for a fully registered RichmondCard either online at or pick up a hard copy application form from the Civic Centre or their local Library (or print and then post the online application form). If residents return trial card(s) with the application form, once any monetary value still residing on the trial card has been verified during processing, the credit will then be transferred onto their new fully registered RichmondCard.

Or if residents prefer, the pay-by-phone system (RingGo) offers identical discounts and tariffs as the RichmondCard. For new users, they would need to firstly register as a new customer: - and then register with RingGo for Richmond residency status:- Once an online application has been approved by Parking Services at Richmond (usually within two working days), all future parking sessions booked on the system will automatically apply discounts or are free when booking up to 30 minutes parking time.