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Richmond had the highest percentage of children achieving level 4 or above in both English and maths in the nation at 86% vs the national average of 74%. Despite the national average going up over last year, there is still some concern at the pass rate for level 5.

Map of level 4 by the Guardian

(Nationally) primary school children made further progress in the basic curriculum subjects last year, but figures show that a third still leave school without sufficient grasp of reading, writing and maths.

The figures show a rise of three percentage points to 67% from last year in the number of children reaching level 4, the benchmark for this age group, in all three tests in reading, writing and maths.

The remaining third - a total of around 183,000 - included pupils who reached the benchmark in one or more of the tests, but failed to earn the full set.

– from The Guardian - 2 August 2011

Again, Richmond did well compared to the national average on level 5, particularly with reading. Girls did much better than boys at level 5, except in Maths and Science.

% of students achieving level 5+

Richmond Students
Level 5 and above


English 39% 52%
Reading 56% 67%
Writing 24% 39%
Maths 56% 50%
Science 52% 50%