From the Richmond Inclusive Schools Campaign group:

The Richmond Inclusive Schools Campaign has been set up to oppose the Council’s decision to spend our Council tax buying the only local site that is big enough for a new secondary school (Richmond Adult and Community College in Clifden Road, Twickenham - formerly Twickenham Girls School) and giving it to the Catholic Church to set up a Catholic Secondary School whose admissions policy will favour children of Catholic parents from a wide swathe of London and discriminate against local children. There is already a serious shortage of secondary school places in Fulwell/Twickenham, especially for boys, and the number of children going into local primary schools is increasing all the time.

There is now an online petition urging Richmond Council to rethink.

It reads:

We, the undersigned, petition the council to ensure that every state-funded school opening in the borough from now on is inclusive, so that no child can be denied a place in a good local school because of the religion or belief of their parents. Rising pupil numbers mean the borough needs more secondary schools. Sites are hard to find and money is tight. Yet the Council has given top priority to offering a site for a Voluntary Aided Catholic school, which will effectively be closed to a majority of the borough’s children. It needs to think again.

The website for Richmond Inclusive Schools Campaign is if you want to find out more.