McGann from the Independant

Michael “Mac” McGann was a folk singer and songwriter, a unique guitarist, barrelhouse blues pianist, harmonica player, graphic artist, wood carver and cartoonist. He was best-known for his live performances in pubs and clubs around London alongside guitarists and singers who would become more famous - including John Martyn, John Renbourn, Ralph McTell and the “King of the Buskers” Don Partridge. McGann co-founded several folk bands, including the Levee Breakers in the 1960s with the 12-string guitarist Johnny Joyce and singer Beverley Kutner (later to become Beverley Martyn). They were a breakthrough outfit who became a major influence on McTell and such folk groups as Pentangle, with Renbourn and Bert Jantsch, and later the Incredible String Band.

McTell, who would make his name with Streets of London, was inspired by McGann, whom he described as “truly in the vanguard of the singer/songwriter movement, long before the term was coined.” McGann played his unique, self-designed double-neck guitar on McTell’s early solo albums and on many tracks laid down by the popular ’70s rock band McGuinness Flint.

– from the Independent, Friday, 8 April 2011