It’s that time of year again and while the paparazzi chase the stars at the Cannes Film Festival, here at Twickenham Film Studios we’re busy getting ready for this year’s Summer Film Camp. As for the studios themselves, Steven Spielberg has now left after completing filming of “Warhorse” but the studio crews are still working morning to night filming two series for BBC3.

Here in Dreamcatcher Media’s office, we’re busy finalising some exciting plans for this year’s Camp! As well as the usual mix of fascinating visits to working film and TV studios, we’re planning on some special filming opportunities during the summer.

While students usually come up with their own ideas for their film project, we also aim to offer some interesting opportunities to make documentaries on real-life issues. At the moment, we’re thinking about films on “A Day in the Life of a Government Minister” (with Secretary of State for Business Vince Cable MP) or “Where does the news come from?” (following the news operation at Sky News), amongst others. These would be great learning opportunities for the children as well as having their usual fun completing their film project. We’re open to other suggestions as well, so feel free to let us know your own ideas and we’ll see if we can activate them.

Last year, the Evening Standard featured us as a “cool” activity for children to do during the summer and Vince Cable MP visited us for the second time. Speaking to the press about us, he said that “Courses like this make the way for a new generation of talent for our country”. You can see many of last year’s films on our Dreamcatcher Media Facebook page

The Camp starts on 11th July and runs through until 26th August. Booking has started already, so if you’d like to pre-book for some exciting filming opportunities again this year, please book early to get the week you want. You can book directly on our website or by calling us on our new number 0208 607 7273.