The Old Country

Dealing with questions of loyalty and betrayal, homeland and exile, friendship and family, in a way which is both funny and touching, The Old Country, written in 1977 is of several forays that Alan Bennett made into the realm of spying. It deals with the mythical case if Hilary, a British spy exiled to the Soviet Union, having betrayed king, country and class. When his sister and newly-knighted brother-in-law come to visit him and his long suffering wife Bron, they are all forced to re-examine their priorities and allegiances, and face up to their different pasts.

Add to the mix a shady couple of younger spies, he English and she Russian, and you have a perfect vehicle for Bennett’s amusing and beautifully constructed script. Full of surprising twists and turns, with appearances often deceptive, this is a play that offers an intriguing evening to any audience.


  • Runs from Sunday June 5th to Saturday June 11th
  • Performance Times: Sunday, 6pm - Weekdays, 7.45pm
  • Tickets: £8/£10
  • Box office: Telephone 0845 838 7529 (between 10am and 8pm only)
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