The Council’s All in One survey asked people across the borough to say what you liked about your area and what needs improving. You are invited to come along to The Civic Centre (44 York Street, Twickenham TW1 3BZ) on Saturday 11 June between 10 am and 4 pm to find out what people in your area said and to share your ideas and suggestions about how we can work together to make St Margarets/East Twickenham even better.

Here are some of the survey’s findings…

St Margarets/East Twickenham

How many people responded: 916

In St Margarets/East Twickenham 96% of you were satisfied with your area as a place to live. You also said that the things that were most important in making it a good place to live included:

  • Local parks and open spaces - 81%
  • Level of crime and anti-social behaviour - 39%
  • Shopping in your local high street - 35%
  • Public transport - 32%
  • Education and schools - 20%

The things that most needed improving:

  • Traffic and/or levels of congestion - 36%
  • Condition of pavements - 27%
  • Provision of parking - 25%
  • Affordability of local housing - 21%
  • Amount of litter and/or cleanliness of streets - 17%

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– from Christopher Squire