With 85 events approved, Richmond upon Thames is the hottest spot for royal wedding street parties in the capital. This follows special measures, voted through the Council’s cabinet in January, to cut red tape and make it easier for residents to hold community events to celebrate the Royal Wedding.

Speaking about the number of parties due to be held in the borough, Leader of Richmond Council, Lord True, said: “This is fantastic news. With just over a week to go to the big event we are now due to have 85 Royal Wedding street parties in Richmond upon Thames, the greatest number of any London borough. When you consider our population we will probably have more parties per resident than anywhere else in the country. Anything that brings communities together like this is to be welcomed.

“I said last year that we would move heaven and earth to make it easy for local people to have street parties to celebrate special days such as the forthcoming Royal Wedding, and sweep away outdated rules and regulations, form-filling and penal charges.

“Well we have done that and the residents of Richmond upon Thames have responded by opting in great numbers to have parties. I am absolutely delighted; as I said a few months ago, let the streets party, the bunting fly and the bells ring out for William and Kate.”

– from a Richmond Council press release

Who had the most parties planned?

The most parties in the borough, with 18, is St Margarets and Twickenham!

  • Bedford Road
  • Broadway Avenue
  • Cedar Avenue
  • Church Street
  • Fourth Cross Road
  • Fulwell Park Avenue
  • Gladstone Avenue
  • Gravel Road
  • Hereford Gardens
  • Holmes Road
  • Kilmorey Gardens
  • Marsh Farm Road
  • Park House Gardens
  • Portugal Gardens
  • South Western Road
  • Tennyson Avenue
  • Upper Grotto Road
  • Winchester Road