Crossbats Cricket Club is looking for players - we play at Marble Hill and some away fixtures.

We play fun, competitive, cricket each Saturday. Post match drinks are a key part of our enjoyment. We laugh at any opposition who warms up by running around the outfield in an attempt to intimidate us before the start of the game.

We consider ourselves a fun loving, occasionally grumpy team, with a couple of people who are pretty good and the rest of us hang on in there doing our best! So if you are young or old and want to play social cricket and perhaps have not played cricket since school we want you!

You will get a better idea of us if you visit our web site

Nets, for some of the keener members are each Sunday morning in Kingston, however, most prefer to rest.

We like to go on tour, and the tour in 2011 will be Menorca, plus we are visiting Dorset and somewhere up north. The picture is the team in France at the bar/restaurant by the sea. There is also a picture of the Chateaux having a BBQ.

Get in touch with Alistair 07956-22-22-24 to find out more.