Following the massive response to the All in One Survey, Richmond Council is set to continue as a leader in localism and involving residents in decisions on their localities. In the next phase of the All In One programme it will hold nine village planning events to cover 14 villages across the borough. The events will take place between May and July.

Last autumn the Council sent a questionnaire to every home in the borough to ask residents about local services and find out the issues that mattered most and in particular which ones needed improving.

Over 13,500 people - 17 per cent of borough households - responded giving the Council a better picture than ever before of what local people wanted for their areas. The next step is to have a series of planning events across the borough in the heart of the areas that have been chosen by residents themselves in response to the call to define their localities the ‘All in One’ survey. These areas are the villages that people most identify with in Richmond upon Thames.

Talking about the village planning events Cllr Pamela Fleming, Richmond Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “The All in One project is the core of this Council’s mission to change the relationship between Council and electors from the top-down approach still seen in too many areas to one of listening and designing plans of action from the bottom-up. So far the programme has been a great success. We had a fantastic response to the survey, which has given us a better picture than ever of what people think about their local areas and what areas or villages people identify with most strongly. But this is only the beginning

“We have always said that we will bring the results from the All in One back to local people, to start a conversation within communities about how to make your local area better. These village planning events will be the start of that process. Over two months on Saturdays between May and July will be holding all day events where people can drop in any time between 10am and 5pm.”

– read more on the Richmond Council website - 18 March 2011