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Cool2Care opens new office in Richmond to support local families with disabled children in Southwest London.

Cool2Care, an innovative social enterprise, has opened up a local office in Richmond to compliment its successful Surrey team. With over 15 offices around England, this is the latest office to be opened by the organisation and will service Richmond and the SW London area.

Cool2Care is a professional childcare recruitment agency for families with disabled children or young adults. It recruits, screens and trains care-workers and places them with families needing support and care. Whilst the parents gain assistance or a short break, the disabled child or young adult benefits from friendship and fun through the provision of skilled and trained one-to-one care which can take place either at home or out in the community.

Cool2Care was founded in 2007 by Phil Conway, himself from Surrey and the father of a disabled child, who saw a need in the market for skilled, flexible childcare. Having found it difficult to find a suitable person to look after his son, he was determined that other families should be offered better care provision.

‘We are delighted to be supporting the many families from this area that have disabled children or young adults. I’m certain that with our experienced staff and skilled care-workers, not just the child but the whole family will benefit from having this choice of care and support.’

Cool2Care are looking for families to get in touch with them as well as anyone interested in working with disabled children. As well as being screened, all potential cares-workers have to complete their comprehensive training course, which covers caring for disabled children and young adults, from communicating and managing challenging behaviour to moving and handling.

‘We’re really excited to be working on behalf of families in SW London. We know that there is a limited offering of specialist childcare in the area and so hopefully our flexible, cost effective one-to-one care will give families the support and care they need’.

‘We will be providing new work opportunities in the area for anyone keen to work with disabled children or young adults. We are open to hearing from anyone over the age of 17 years and recruit and train locally. Not only will potential child carers acquire a new job but also develop new lifelong skills as well’.


– from a press release