Good news for homeowners in St Margarets

Despite the national press painting a very dismal picture of the 2011 property market we are experiencing a very high volume of new buyers registering to look for a home in the area coupled with a low supply of properties. This is very similar to the beginning of 2009 which saw prices rise up to 15% in more affluent areas.

Some properties purchased at the peak of the market in 2007 are actually now worth more due to less homeowners moving and a greater divide in the market between properties above or below £1 million. Sales of homes over £1 million have doubled in some areas.

We have buyers who are willing to pay top prices for the right home in St Margarets and East Twickenham as they are aware that homeowners move less frequently once they are settled as it is such a desirable area.

This is good news for those who bought at the peak of the market and fear that they may have actually lost money in the value of their home. Many people are pleasantly surprised to hear their homes have increased in value rather than decreased.

We are the only agent exclusive to St Margarets and we are glad to bring this good news to our neighbours in the area.

As part of our aim to contribute to the community and growth of St Margarets we are delighted to be sponsoring the 21st annual Orleans Park School Rugby Seven’s Competition from 7th - 9th March, which include Kings House and St James’ School amongst the fourteen competing, some travelling from as far as Wales.

If you have any further suggestions how we may help in any future events or for professional property advice please contact Julia Green on 0208 891 3987.

Due to the shortage of property to meet demand we are offering;

1% Sales Commission on all houses until 28th February 2011

– from Churchills Estate Agents