Planning a street party in Richmond upon Thames will soon become a lot easier, if new bureaucracy-free guidelines are approved by the Council’s Cabinet when it meets on 24 January.

Earlier this year, Council Leader Nicholas True expressed his frustration at the length and complexity of the long-standing existing forms which residents need to complete. Following a review, a simpler form has been proposed for approval by senior councillors. It includes helpful information and many fewer formal conditions.

It is intended that a simpler application procedure should be in place well before the royal wedding on 29 April.

“We will not have people’s spirits dampened by unneeded bureaucracy and laborious form filling just to put up tables and enjoy themselves in the streets outside their homes. This is exactly the type of behaviour that gives councils a bad name.

“We will move heaven and earth to make it is as easy as possible for local people to celebrate special days, such as the forthcoming royal wedding.”

– excerpted from the Richmond Council website