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Event Reminder: Amnesty International : Good-as-New Sale

Good quality clothes, bric a brac, books and toys will be on sale Saturday, 29 January 2011.

27 January 2011 | around_town

Gerald Kersh - The Tough Guy From Teddington

There is a popular and persistent image of the ‘tough guy’ crime writer. A ‘loner’ sitting at a battered typewriter, a fedora tilted back on his head, a smouldering cigarette hanging from his lips, a half drunk bottle of whiskey in the desk drawer. They are usually called Mickey or Chester or Ross and they practise their dark arts in shabby offices in Los Angeles or New York. Whatever they are - they are not called Gerald and they don’t come from Teddington High Street… well not often.

27 January 2011 | around_town

The Thames Angling Conservancy

The TAC is a Free to join voluntary organisation established at the beginning of 2010 and run by anglers, wanting to help in the conservation of the River Thames.

As anglers we spend a vast amount of time by the river and collectively we hold an incredible amount of knowledge about the fish that the river contains. Many of us have fished the river for the best part of our lives during which time we have all noticed changes in our catches and the environment.

27 January 2011 | news

Putting the Fun into Street Parties

Planning a street party in Richmond upon Thames will soon become a lot easier, if new bureaucracy-free guidelines are approved by the Council’s Cabinet when it meets on 24 January.

27 January 2011 | news

Upcoming My St Margarets Magazine Feature - Weddings

The next edition of My St Margarets Magazine is due to be published in April. This edition will include all of our regular features and will also have a weddings feature.

27 January 2011 | around_town

A Mindfulness Course Near You!

Come and learn Mindfulness meditation, the widely acclaimed practical approach for stress-reduction, health, wellbeing and happiness. This 8 week course combines elements of mindfulness-based stress reduction and cognitive therapy, with teachers Zoe Shobbrook and Karen Rudgard.

27 January 2011 | around_town

Film Camps for Kids at Twickenham Film Studios

Camps run over Easter (11-15 April) and eight weeks over the summer (see Details below).

Students who enroll for our one week course will receive all the fundamental instruction they need to get to grips with completing a short film. Classes run from 9.00am - 2.00pm at Twickenham Film Studios, but also include additional instruction at other locations such as ITV London Studios, Pinewood, Shepperton etc. Here students will learn how a live studio operates and have the opportunity to visit the studio sets of programmes being shot at that time.

26 January 2011 | around_town

Event Reminder: -St Margarets Fair Charity Race Night- POSTPONED

The St Margarets Fair Committee invites you to an evening of Virtual Horse Racing at St Stephen’s School on 29 January 2011 from 7:30pm

Tickets are £12 with supper included plus a reasonably priced bar.

All Profits are distributed to local charities and Schools

25 January 2011 | around_town

The King is Dead. Long Live the New Elizabethans!

I remember Wednesday February 6th 1952 rather well. I was sitting at the back of class VIII at Burghley Road Primary School, Tufnell Park, listening to our teacher, Miss Kirkby, talking about Italic writing. When the classroom door opened and the Headmaster Mr Condern came in we all stood up.

Mr Condern was never a barrel of laughs at the best of times but today he looked more sombre than ever. He asked us to sit down.

King George VI

bq. “I have some rather sad news”, he said.”It has just been announced that the King, our King, George 6th, has died.”

Being only 7 years old we didn’t know how to react to this kind of news so we sat there until Miss Kirkby gave a gentle sigh, which set us all off, oohing and aahing in a suitably funereal way.

Mr Condern waited until we had all calmed down and then continued.

20 January 2011 | around_town

Event Reminder: Kristin Yeatman - 28 January 2011

The Turk’s Head presents a high energy funk/soul evening with Montreal born, Kristin Yeatman and her 7-piece band, performing an inspired selection of classics plus tracks from her new CD, Orleans Road

20 January 2011 | around_town

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