Being the end of the year, we thought, let’s publish a ‘top ten’ list of the most popular articles on this website. However, it quickly became apparent that many of the most popular articles actually are quiet old. So, we decided to look at the top 15 articles to give a fuller picture what people read. One clear statistic as evolved; search engines are bringing a lot of non-St Margarets readers directly to many of these articles. The top article is the clearest example with more than 90% of readers finding the story directly from a search engine. The same could be said for numbers 2, 5 and 8 as well and has led to us adding the date into article titles more often. Anyway, enjoy the list.

1. Beware Bogus ‘Charities’ and Third World Appeals

Residents regularly receive leaflets asking for items of clothing and household goods to be left for collection…

Published in 2006, written by Maddie Menzies, this is still the number one article on the site. It ranks high in Google searches and a lot of people from all around the UK post updated regularly.

2. Ches’s Trattoria Pasta & Pizza Opens

Ches’s Cafe is to become Ches’s Trattoria Pasta & Pizza…

Published in 2007, we can only assume people are finding this article via Google, probably looking for a phone number or address of Ches’s, which is in the local info section.

3. The Ghost on Richmond Green

During the last few evenings considerable excitement has existed in the neighbourhood of Richmond Green, inconsequence of a statement that a ghost was to be seen…

The first of the 2010 articles and the first on the list by Martyn Day. This is the gripping story of an apparition… that or a new lamp.

4. St Margarets and North Twickenham Council Election Candidates

There are 14 candidates for the three seats in the ward…

From Christopher Squire, this was a quick round-up of the 14 candidates running for Councillor in the St Margarets and North Twickenham ward.

5. Kid’s Summer Activities

Are you looking for things to do with the kids this summer?

Depressingly for anyone finding this article, they would have found it came from 2005 and all event were old. I would love to find someone to take over writing something like this for each half-term and summer breaks.

6. The Brentford Griffin and Other Mysteries

Brentford is two miles of misery…

Another story from Martyn Day asking if “Brentford is a portal to the underworld”?

7. The Three Chord Trick Explained

If you play more than two chords, you’re showing off…

How to be a rock star, by Martyn Day.

8. Parvinu at Phelps is open

Parvinu at Phelps has now opened providing St Margarets with a new wine bar with food…

Er, actually, no. This 2008 story came alive when the doors were quietly shut and the power turned off and people were trying to find out what happened – for which we never received a proper explanation.

9. Volunteer at Strawberry Hill House

Come and join the team that’s bringing Walpole’s little Gothic castle back to life…

A request for help for the reopening of the newly restored Gothic castle.

10. Oyster Off-Peak Fare Tip

The only way to get an Off-Peak Oyster fare at St Margarets seems to be to wait up the top of the stairs until the reader says 9:30, then touch and run!

From Ed Randall, this one clearly has caught out many people.

11. Drawing The Line at Hounslow

The place where General Roy decided to lay his initial base line was Hounslow Heath…

This piece about the Ordnance Survey from Martyn Day brought out the Cartophiles and a lot of local interest as well.

12. The Disgraceful Affair at Hounslow

In the early summer of 1846 John White, a 27 year old private in the 7th Queens Own Hussars based at Hounslow Barracks was found guilty of striking his sergeant with a metal bar in a drunken fight…

The final piece by Martyn Day in this top 15, about the end of flogging in the Army.

13. Night Flights Allowed for Snow Backlog at Heathrow - 20 Dec 2010

… a relaxation of restrictions on night flights for the next four days…

A news flash on weather related Christmas backlog of flights from Christopher Squire, his second in the top 15 list.

14. Information: Lyme Disease

There are some basic precautions people can take to reduce the risk of being bitten by ticks…

An informational article from Lyme Disease Action that has been found by a lot of people via Google.

15. Richmond Council’s School Place Planning Update - February 2010

… current state of the issues around school places and the two options they are currently considering …

An update on the ongoing status of infant school places in the St Margarets area.