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The Man Who Stood at the Gate of the Year

When King George 6th made his first wartime Christmas radio broadcast on December 25th 1939 the nation and its Empire were in the middle of the “Phony War”. The expected air onslaught on Britain hadn’t come and many of the children who had been evacuated out of our cities had returned home. Although the German Navy was already harassing our Atlantic convoys and on October 13th had managed to penetrate the defences at Scapa Flow and sink the battleship “Royal Oak” with the loss of over 830 lives the general mood in the country was of apathy and complacency.

30 December 2010 | around_town

Top 15 Articles Read in 2010

Being the end of the year, we thought, let’s publish a ‘top ten’ list of the most popular articles on this website. However, it quickly became apparent that many of the most popular articles actually are quiet old. So, we decided to look at the top 15 articles to give a fuller picture what people read. One clear statistic as evolved; search engines are bringing a lot of non-St Margarets readers directly to many of these articles. The top article is the clearest example with more than 90% of readers finding the story directly from a search engine. The same could be said for numbers 2, 5 and 8 as well and has led to us adding the date into article titles more often. Anyway, enjoy the list.

29 December 2010 | editorial

The Miracles of Saint Margarets

When Archibald Kennedy, the 1st Marquis of Ailsa, bought Lacy House in Twickenham Park in 1830 he probably knew of its previous illustrious owners. James Lacy, co-owner of the Drury Lane Theatre, the Hon. Sir Edward Walpole, his daughter Laura who was the widow of the Bishop of Exeter, the Earl of Warwick and the playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan had all lived there.

24 December 2010 | around_town

Christmas Church Services in Our Area

Here is a list of church services for Christmas Eve and Christmas for some local churches.

24 December 2010 | around_town

Night Flights Allowed for Snow Backlog at Heathrow - 20 Dec 2010

Transport secretary Philip Hammond has issued this statement on allowing night flights:

20 December 2010 | news

Pictures: Snowstorm - 18 December 2010

Finally a big snowfall that fell on a weekend and hasn’t melted in the first three hours! A good six inches (15 cm) fell in St Margarets on the morning of 18 December 2010 and thousands of people headed out to: walk, throw snowballs, sledge, make snowmen and generally have fun.

19 December 2010 | around_town

The Morning After The Night Before

There can’t be many of us who, at some time in our youthful lives, haven’t woken up with a throbbing head, a mouth like a zoo-keepers bucket and one thought on our minds - “Never Again.”

Hangovers are self inflicted wounds, universal and international. They have many names. Brown Bottle Flu, the Brewers Mallet, the Morning After the Night Before. In Germany they are known as ‘kater’ - (male cat), in Denmark “tømmermænd” - (carpenters). In Costa Rica they are Goma, in Ecuador “Chuchaki”.

17 December 2010 | around_town

Crowds flock to the 2010 St Margarets Christmas Fair

We would like to thank everyone that helped make the St Margarets Christmas fair a huge success. With special thanks to all the entertainers.

17 December 2010 | around_town

Event Reminder: Christmas Sunday Market in Richmond - 19 December 2010

Duck Pond Market is has its final Christmas Market this Sunday in Heron Square, Richmond – where the Saturday market is held – from 10.00am to 3.00pm.

17 December 2010 | around_town

Santa Gets a Helping Hand from St Margarets Traders

Following a letter received from Santa earlier this month, the St Margarets Traders Association have again agreed to help Santa and his trusty elves with the huge amount of post he receives from the boys and girls in the St Margarets area. Look-in Video in Crown Road, St Margarets, have one of Santa’s special North Pole post boxes so the boys and girls can post their letters to him.

10 December 2010 | news

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