Where we attempt to clarify and affirm our editorial purpose.

Until the last two weeks, in the whole of our five plus years, we have only had to remove a single article from the site. In the last two weeks, we have been forced to take down or edit five articles. We don’t like to have to do this. It goes 100% against one of our big editorial principles – creating an archive of a time and a place. In fact, the site has been specially archived by the British Library since 2006, which doesn’t archive as many sites as you might think, or hope.

So sadly, from now on, we must require, that if you give us content, in any format, that it must be given to us freely and free of other’s copyrights in a way that allows us to lightly edit, format and post the content for this website. This posting might include the use of other webistes, namely flickr, who we use for hosting photo files, but could include others if required. We are happy to and always attempt to give attribution to the original author or copyright holder, if permission has been granted.

In turn, we publish the site under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. We never sell or give away your content to others, but we allow it to be shared with proper attibution. In case you are not aware, the St Margarets Community Website has never made any income or benefit-in-kind (although I reserve the right to place advertising or raise funds via donations if running costs ever requier it).

If you are uncomfortable with this, or think you might change your mind about giving us content, please don’t give it to us to begin with. We don’t want to have to go and cut apart our site later and certainly not remove articles from the site. We also don’t want to feel used by people trying to get started in a commercial venture/career, who take away as easily as they give. We don’t have time to edit and re-edit old articles because something is no longer quite correct (and yes, of course things happen and we might have to edit something for a valid reason, but please be careful with your original article).

But if you are community minded, have something to share with your neighbors and friends, can give to the site freely, then please, please do. We are always looking for more photos, articles, news, events, recipes, etc… And we are happy to give you full credit for everything. We are happy to give support, advice and ideas for new articles and photos if you want to help, but need a bit of guidance. The site would be a pale shadow of its current self without the support of dozens of local authors, cooks and photographers. As always, we are looking for people to help with the actual maintenance of the site as well (not technical help, just putting text into web forms).

We hope you understand and take this editorial’s meaning in the right light.

St Margarets Community Website Editor