“Last year I decided to make a short film in Twickenham. I’d had the idea of the story about a blind busker for some time and I gathered together a small crew and gained permission to film outside the council offices in Twickenham. I needed extras so I posted an invitation on the St Margarets Community Website for volunteers.

Although the weather forecast was rain we actually had the most perfect weather; cloud cover, no sun and no rain. My volunteers arrived at the prearranged time but, sadly, only two brave souls - and I needed a crowd! Frantic phone calls to friends and family soon produced a small gathering which was fine for the majority of the shoot and then, at exactly the right moment, a large crowd of children from Orleans school turned up, quite by accident, and were happy to oblige for the final crowd scene. It would be great if the two extras got in touch.

The Busker from Matt Jamie on Vimeo.

It’s been entered in the London Short Film Festival so fingers crossed please.”

– from Alister Cameron