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Lost Treasure Found in St Margarets...

Please join us at the St Margarets Christmas Fair held in Crown Road St Margarets from 11 am this Sunday and have a go at helping to find lost treasure and win a prize!

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30 November 2010 | around_town

Event Reminder: Picturing Science Exhibition

From 4 December 2010 - 26 February 2011.

Disease, dissection, and Darwin become the subject for artists displaying at the Riverside Gallery, Richmond from 4th December 2010. Orleans House Gallery presents Picturing Science, an open exhibition which examines the collision between two harmonious and contrasting fields of symbolic representation, Art and Science.

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25 November 2010 | around_town

A Busker Film

“Last year I decided to make a short film in Twickenham. I’d had the idea of the story about a blind busker for some time and I gathered together a small crew and gained permission to film outside the council offices in Twickenham. I needed extras so I posted an invitation on the St Margarets Community Website for volunteers.

Although the weather forecast was rain we actually had the most perfect weather; cloud cover, no sun and no rain. My volunteers arrived at the prearranged time but, sadly, only two brave souls - and I needed a crowd! Frantic phone calls to friends and family soon produced a small gathering which was fine for the majority of the shoot and then, at exactly the right moment, a large crowd of children from Orleans school turned up, quite by accident, and were happy to oblige for the final crowd scene. It would be great if the two extras got in touch.

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25 November 2010 | around_town

The Gentleman's Game Played by Hooligans

bq. “Football is a gentleman’s game played by hooligans. Rugby is a hooligan’s game played by gentlemen.”

My Sports Master - Eric Shirley

On December 19th 1863 the very first game of football played under Football Association rules took place at Limes Field, Mortlake, between Barnes FC and Richmond FC.

It was a goalless draw.

Richmond FC sloped off home, decided that football wasn’t for them and went back to playing rugby instead, a much more civilised and organised game in their view.

Richmond FC was right. In 1863 football wasn’t organised at all. An indeterminate number of players would assemble on a pitch of indeterminate size and knock a ball of indeterminate shape around for an indeterminate length of time until someone scored a goal or ‘touch-down’ or whatever it happened to be called that day. Some preferred the “handling game” which was a bit like rugby but with more kicking while others favoured the “dribbling game” which was a bit like rugby but without all that handling. Between the two of them there was chaos.

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25 November 2010 | around_town

The White Rajah - New Book, Local Author

“My novel, ‘The White Rajah’ is published at the end of November by JMS Books in the USA. It’s a story based on the life of James Brooke a Victorian adventurer who ran his own country in Borneo. If you want to know what it’s all about check out my blog

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25 November 2010 | around_town

St Margarets - Design a Christmas Poster Competition

Simply print one of the templates and design your poster. You may prefer to simply colour-in the Christmas picture or create a poster from scratch using the blank template. Deliver your poster to Churchill’s Lettings in Crown Road who have generously sponsored this competition. We aim to display all the posters in the shop windows of St Margarets.

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24 November 2010 | around_town

The Last Post

If ever a sound captured the sombre, reflective mood of Remembrance Day it is the high melancholic notes of the ‘Last Post’ - the military bugle call played to mark the end of the day. For 90 years nervous buglers across the world have stood up at Armistice, alone and unsupported, to evoke through their playing remembrance of all those who have died in war. From local war memorials to the fields of Flanders and to cemeteries and cenotaphs far and wide this has been the bugler’s privilege and test - and this year the awesome responsibility of a 10 year old Cub Scout from St Margarets.

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18 November 2010 | around_town

Christmas Sunday Markets in Richmond

Duck Pond Market is going to trial two Sundays in Heron Square, where the Saturday market is held, in Richmond. The two dates are Sunday the 28th of November and Sunday the 19th of December from 10.00am to 3.00pm.

If these two dates go well, they will propose a regular weekly Sunday Duck Pond Market.

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18 November 2010 | news

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