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Press Release: Liberal Democrats on St Margarets School Places

St Margarets and East Twickenham 4 year olds face shortage of school places

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30 October 2010 | news

Event Reminder: 2x2 Opera's Cinderella by Rossini

2x2 Opera for Young People is presenting 4 performances of Rossini’s brilliant comic opera Cinderella In this new up-to-date version Angelina, (Cinderella’s real name), and her down-trodden father slave away in the kitchen of the family’s newly opened cup cake boutique, ‘Haute Petit Gateaux’.

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30 October 2010 | around_town

The 'Austerity' Games - July 29 to August 14, 1948

When The Olympics Came To Richmond

62 years ago in 1948 Britain was in a situation very similar to today - flat broke, up to its neck in debt and with a very expensive Olympic Games to pay for.

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29 October 2010 | around_town

Event Reminder: Three walks

The Environment Trust has three great looking walks in November.

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28 October 2010 | around_town

Event Reminder: Peter Ind's Reich Revisited

Peter Ind, a long term St Margarets resident, and in last month’s My St Margarets magazine, has a mixed media performance up in central London.

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28 October 2010 | around_town

The Borough's Bye-Laws

The Borough’s Bye-Laws have been kindly published by the Council, and as a result, the law abiding citizens of Twickenham need to be on their guard so as to ensure that they do not transgress. There appears to be different sets of rules applying to the three parts of the Borough united when the London Borough came into existence in 1965. Although there are a lot of similar provisions, those for Twickenham affect us and make interesting reading, perhaps.

Dating from 1929 is a delightful rag-bag of restrictions, made for the better Governance of the then Borough of Twickenham and still, it seems, in force.

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25 October 2010 | around_town

Richmond Lock and Weir Annual Draw-off

Weirs open 31st October - 28th November 2010

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25 October 2010 | news

A Magnificent Young Man in His Flying Machine

Saturday February 17th 1912 was a beautiful day. After the recent spell of cold, damp weather people shopping in St Margarets were pleased to be out enjoying the bright sunshine, a clear blue sky and the gentlest of breezes…

It was approaching midday when they heard the sound of an aeroplane approaching from the south. Aircraft were rare enough in those days for them to stop and point and wonder at the marvel that was passing overhead.

Instead of the expected two-winged biplane appearing over the rooftops, this plane was a monoplane, a Martin Handasyde, with a single wing supported by bracing wires. The machine was low enough for those on the ground to see the pilot sitting behind the controls. Douglas Graham Gilmour had taken off at 11.00am that morning from the airfield at Brooklands on a short testing flight. He told his mechanics that he would return within an hour. This was not to be.

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21 October 2010 | around_town

Would up to 7000 pounds be useful for your favourite local charity?

This year’s St Margarets Fair raised £15,000 for our local schools and charities. Thank you for your support.

50% of the proceeds go to local schools and 50% is available for charities serving St Margarets residents. We keep back £500 of the charity money to support other small charitable requests we get during the year.

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21 October 2010 | news

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