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The Weeping Willow Tree

Some sources say that the most common of the cultivated Weeping Willow species (salix x sepulcralis) was first introduced into this country from a German nursery in 1908… which does seem a little late in the day considering the hundreds of thousands of the trees that are now to be found across the length and breadth of Britain.

26 August 2010 | around_town

What's for tea tonight dear?


26 August 2010 | around_town

yellowwedge cheese makes Times 'Top 10 Cheese Shops in Britain'

In July 2010, local retailer yellowwedge cheese has been named by The Times as one of the ‘Top 10 Cheese Shops in Britain’! Juliet Harbutt who compiled the list wrote;

bq. “Whatever David Harries does, from recycling to educating his customer, he does with huge energy, passion and a zany sense of humour. Not surprising he won the British Cheese Awards ‘Best New Cheese Retailer’ in 2008.”

We haven’t provided a link to the story because of the subscription fee The Times now charges for online content, but feel free to search it out if you have a spare £1!

26 August 2010 | news

Six Week Suspension of Heathrow Runway Alternation

For six weeks from 13 September 2010, essential maintenance work will be taking place on taxiways connecting Heathrow’s northern runway with the rest of the airfield. During this period, planes will be unable to alternate daytime use of the runways as published; night time alternation will be unaffected. This means that when the airport is on westerly operations during this time, planes will use the southern runway for the majority of arrivals and the northern runway for departures. As a result, people living under the arrivals flight path for the southern runway will not have the usual half-day respite from aircraft noise. This includes St Margarets.

24 August 2010 | news

New Drama Class to Tackle Self Esteem Problems


24 August 2010 | around_town

A Mysterious Presentiment... or Two?

The Royal Naval Female School that came to St. Margarets from Richmond in July 1856 was founded in 1840 by Admiral Sir Thomas Williams to “provide education for the daughters of necessitous officers.” His endowment of £1000 (equivalent to £55,000 today) marked the end of a long career serving his country with distinction during the American Revolutionary War, the French Revolutionary War and the Napoleonic War.

5 August 2010 | around_town

Great Annual Street Sale - It's A Gass!

Haliburton Road/Heron Road/Newry Road And Northcote Road

5 August 2010 | around_town

Marble Hill Fun Run - 5 September 2010

Cancer Run Poster

5 August 2010 | around_town

Vince Cable Meeting with Twickenham Station Developers

Dr Cable will be meeting the developers, Solum, on the 6th of August.

3 August 2010 | news

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