Something has changed on the streets we live on today and looking around our local community it is soon apparent that people are enjoying the rejuvenation of a somewhat more nostalgic era. Neighbours are getting to know one another on a completely new level to those they had previously encountered and the friendships forming are becoming an integral part of their lives. These are not, as one might be forgiven for thinking, the elderly we live side by side with, who have already seen and reaped the benefits of a more inclusive society.

Recently we have seen communities coming together for various celebrations, but it’s the day to day relationships that are built on our streets and homes that are creating a transforming community. Speaking to mothers who were struggling, it was their neighbours they turned to for a cup of coffee and good cry, for those needing help with getting somewhere, it was again those close by who leapt to their rescue. The stories go on…

Sunday 18th July marks the day of The Big Lunch which was born out of the Eden Project as a celebration of life and environment. Local residents came together last year for street parties to share food, music and all kinds of entertainment which proved a huge success. This year, in Northcote Road, Twickenham, the local residents will once again gather for this event hosted by the NSMRA. All Souls church is another of its main contributors, which already has a reputation for its many helpful outreach programmes, proving yet another pivotal anchor in the new spirit of this local community.

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– from Ness Reddick