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Ziggy Stardust Came From Isleworth

On the 23rd April 2009 the St Margarets Community Website carried an article about Vince Taylor a 1960’s rock ‘n’ roll singer born in Isleworth. After enjoying some moderate success in France Vince fell victim to the powerful psychedelic drug LSD. During his struggle to hold his mind and his failing career together Vince meet David Bowie who was inspired by him to create his alter-ego Ziggy Stardust, the “leper Messiah” swallowed up by the excesses of rock stardom.

30 July 2010 | around_town

The Monarch and the Maypole

Fun And Games At Kendal House

In its time the Isleworth/St Margarets riverside has been graced by some fine and famous buildings. There was Lacy house, home for a while to Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Kilmorey House, built for but never occupied by the Earl of Kilmorey, Gordon House, home of lawyer and humorist Thomas Chandler Haliburton, Nazareth House and St Margarets, the family seat of the Marquis of Ailsa and over whose grounds is built the district that now bears its name. But of them all perhaps the most notable, if not the most famous was Kendal House, the home of the Duchess of Kendal, the German mistress of King George I.

30 July 2010 | around_town

Larkin About -- Places Still Available!

With the summer holidays in full swing, we are now offering places on our Larkin About drama project for ages 12+.

30 July 2010 | around_town

St Margarets Estate Conservation Area Extension

The Council is proposing the extend the boundary of the St Margarets Estate Conservation Area under the Planning (Listed Building and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. The proposed extension includes this property. As part of this process, the Council is seeking views of all owners and/or occupiers.

30 July 2010 | news

Street Parties

Image - 2010_big_lunch

23 July 2010 | around_town

Calling All Local Artists

The autumn edition of the My St Margarets Magazine is due do feature local artists and their work.

23 July 2010 | news

Photos from the St Margarets Fair 2010

Image - 2010_stm_fair-band

16 July 2010 | around_town

Pillar Boxes

Walk through the archway at Old Richmond Palace towards the Green and you will see in front of you a historical rarity. It looks so commonplace that most people walk by without even noticing. It is a red, cast iron, pillar-box, just like any of thousands to be found all over the country, but it differs from them in one unusual way. It carries no royal cipher.

16 July 2010 | around_town

The Real Monday Club

If you are a serious minded person who has an active curiosity, enjoys reading and discussing ideas across a wide range of disciplines and who has some spare time on your hands especially on Monday evenings and is interested in making new friends you may be interested in joining this all age club which has been running now for almost a year.

16 July 2010 | around_town

Event Reminder: Art Picnic at Radnor Gardens, Twickenham

Radnor Gardens

12 July 2010 | around_town

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