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LOUISIANA PART 2: The Traditional Music of the Louisiana Cajuns

The traditional music of the Cajun people of Louisiana is unique. It is sung in 17th century French and comes in two sizes - toe tapping, crowd pleasing ‘two step’ dances and slow, soulful waltzes, that still echo with the sadness and sense of separation of “Le Grand Dérangement”. (New readers will have to check out last week’s article)

Over the centuries the performance of traditional Cajun music has evolved from solo singers, to singers with triangles, to singers with fiddles up to its current form with fiddlers, guitar players, triangle players and accordionists.

26 June 2010 | around_town

Local Pubs and the 2010 World Cup

Some more photos from Ness Reddick.

26 June 2010 | around_town

Event Reminder: Free winemaker tasting - Saturday 26 June 2010

Meet the man, taste his wines!

26 June 2010 | around_town

Crown Road Summer Fair 2010 Success

This summer’s Crown Road Fair was a big success. Great food, music, stalls, rides, entertainment and weather was enjoyed by all. Thank you to the St Margarets Traders Association and all those who helped create the event.

19 June 2010 | around_town

Louisiana Part 1: Le Grand DéRangement of 1755

This story starts in 1604 when French emigrants settled in the Canadian Maritime Provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Here they established a network of small, closely knit farming communities loyal to the French king and the Catholic religion. The immigrants found their life so idyllic they called their land ‘Arcadia’ after the mythological land flowing with milk and honey. For the next 150 years, these ‘Arcadians’ cultivated the land, maintained a friendly relationship with the native Micmac Indians, and remained neutral in the ongoing conflicts between the French and the British. When Arcadia fell to the British in 1710 the 18,000 or so Acadians living in the area were allowed to remain as neutrals under the terms of the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht. It was to be an uneasy truce. The British, concerned that the Arcadians might unite with other French colonies in the region, wanted them out - leaving their prosperous farms for British settlers.

18 June 2010 | around_town

Looking for Some Commuknity?

Commuknity is a group of knitters and crocheters, beginners and old hands, who have decided to get together over a glass or two of wine for a knit and a natter. We meet in the St Margarets Pub on the first and third Mondays of the month.

17 June 2010 | around_town

Have a Guilt Free World Cup

For the four weeks of the World Cup Forgetmenot Flowers are offering a Guilt Free World Cup opportunity.

11 June 2010 | around_town

Event Reminder: Family Fun Day

Punch and Judy

10 June 2010 | around_town

Dr Who and Vincent Van Gogh

Most people in St. Margarets already know that Vincent van Gogh was once a near neighbour of ours. It is heartening to see that “the greatest painter who ever lived” has conquered time and space and is now fighting aliens with Dr. Who and his travelling companion Amy Pond (mmmmmm - Amy Pond!).

10 June 2010 | around_town

Film Courses for Children this Summer


10 June 2010 | around_town

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