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Liberal Democrats Geoff Acton [2638 votes] and Ben Khosa [2380] retain their seats in St Margarets and North Twickenham. Tory candidate Chris Harrison [2366] has taken the third seat in the ward ahead of Philip Morgan [2292].

Thanks again to Chris Squire.

Full results

Candidate’s Name Party Votes
Acton Geoff Liberal Democrat 2,631
Andersson Jenny Green Party 624
Harrison Chris Conservative Party 2,366
Jozefowicz Suzanne Conservative Party 2,130
Khosa Ben Liberal Democrat 2,380
Maciejowska Judy Sara Green Party 660
Morgan Morgan James Conservative Party 2,292
Morgan Philip Liberal Democrat 2,320
Ould Cheryl Christine Labour Party 512
Risner Pamela Joan Labour Party 461
Roest Carey Vanessa Green Party 503
Smart Felicity Independent 574
Suren Rupert William Independent 109
Tutchell Derek John Arthur Labour Party 358