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The Coming of the Hurricane

70 years ago to the day Adolf Hitler was feeling rather pleased with himself. Ever since his unprovoked invasion of Poland on the 1st September 1939 his armies had blitzkrieged their way through Denmark, Norway, Holland, Luxembourg and France and nobody had been able to stop them. O.K - He may have been a little miffed that a fleet of small ships had suddenly appeared over the horizon to pull the British Army and their allies off the beaches at Dunkirk - but apart from that everything was going swimmingly. All that was left to do was to sweep the RAF out of the skies, leaving the way clear for the Fuhrer’s final ambition - the invasion of Great Britain.

26 May 2010 | around_town

Have You Noticed that Crown Road is Turning Red, White and Blue?

The St Margarets Traders Association invite you to get spotted at our Family Fun Day on Sunday June 13th from 11.00am till late.

Please come along and join in the fun!

26 May 2010 | around_town

Event Reminder: Canon Andrew White - 27 May 2010

Canon Andrew White (known as ‘the Vicar of Baghdad’) is speaking at All Souls Church, Northcote Rd, St Margarets on Thursday 27th May at 8pm (NOTE: there initially was an mistake on this date!)

26 May 2010 | around_town

Another Bogus 'Charity' in St Margarets

W&W Help Limited are collecting in St Margarets on Thursday. W&W Help Limited claim to support a breast cancer prevention programme to the tune of £1,500 per month. There is no mention of a specific programme or project.

26 May 2010 | news

Information: Lyme Disease

Now the warm weather is here and people are spending more time outdoors they are at greater risk of contracting the illness.

26 May 2010 | news

Event Reminder: Be Nice to Nettles


25 May 2010 | around_town

Event Reminder: Dog Owners' Meeting at Marble Hill Park

Opportunity to meet and discuss the removal of the Dog bags and other issues in the park together.

24 May 2010 | around_town

The Robber Robbed

One night a tailor was travelling by foot across Hounslow Heath when he was stopped by “a knight of the road” who pulled out a brace of pistols and ordered the man to give up his purse. The tailor did so but asked for a favour in return.

“My friends,” he said, “ will laugh at me and my wife will be angry when I tell them I offered no more resistance than a lamb. Could you put a couple of shots through my hat to make it seem that I had resisted.”

The highwayman, already holding the tailor’s well-filled purse, sympathised with the poor man, so carefully taking aim, he fired both of his pistols through the tailor’s hat. Immediately the tailor reached under his coat and pulled out a pistol of his own. He then disarmed the highwayman, took back his own purse…and everything else of value that the highwayman was carrying.

21 May 2010 | around_town

Event Reminder: Grassroots Grants Free Information Session - 11 June 2010

Grassroots Grants logo

21 May 2010 | around_town

William Cobbett and The Gin Drinkers of St Margarets

On the morning of Wednesday September 25th 1822 William Cobbett and his son set out on horseback from Kensington in London for Uphusband, near Andover, in Hampshire, a journey that would take them across Richmond Bridge and through the small holdings, market gardens and country estates of Twickenham Park, an area that in less than 50 years time would be known as “St Margarets”. This is what Cobbett saw and reported…

13 May 2010 | around_town

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