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Parliamentary Elections - for Wilkes and Liberty

In the 17th century the parliamentary elections for Middlesex were held on Hampstead Heath. The county was much larger than it is now and the poll lasted for 15 days to allow voters time to get there.

The problem was before the Reform Acts of 1832, 1867 and 1872, which widened the franchise, brought in more equitable representation and introduced the secret ballot, very few people actually had the right to vote. The only way that non-voters had of making their own views known was by noisy shouting with lots of pushing and shoving.

29 April 2010 | around_town

Out Now: May Edition of My St Margarets Magazine

Coming soon through your letter box, the latest edition of My St Margarets, magazine. Published this week by the St Margarets Traders Association, the magazine is your essential guide to St Margarets.

28 April 2010 | around_town

Marathon des Sables - Race Results!

1st-12th April 2010

28 April 2010 | around_town

Marathon des Sables Update

The hottest and hardest ever to celebrate the 25th ultra race!

23 April 2010 | around_town

A Kip on a Ship

H.M.S Belfast is a Second World War light cruiser preserved for the nation on the Thames at Tower Bridge. She is an eleven thousand ton, nine decked, four turreted lean, mean fighting machine and last Saturday night she was home for the Cubs of the 1st St Margarets Cub Pack.

22 April 2010 | around_town

Give Us Yer Money! - It's Hocktide!

Monday and Tuesday 12th and 13th April

In times past, long before local government began shoving its sticky fingers deep into our pockets, individual parishes were responsible for raising the money they needed for local services. Some had tolls on their roads, others introduced rates and Brentford organised fund-raising sports days and public entertainments.

In 1621 articles were drawn up to regulate these money-raising activities, one of which consisted of “convivial gatherings in the church house.”

15 April 2010 | around_town

St Margarets and North Twickenham Council Election Candidates

There are 14 candidates for the three seats in the ward. The three sitting Liberal Democrat councillors are standing again: Geoff Acton [88 Cole Park Road, TW1 1JA], Ben Khosa 15 [Tayben Avenue, TW2 7RA] and Philip Morgan [85 Heathfield South, TW2 7SR].

15 April 2010 | news

How Green is my Council?

Or, I’m only a resident get me out of here

15 April 2010 | around_town

Event Reminder: The Good Wine Shop Summer Wine Tasting 2010

Good Wine tasting</a>

15 April 2010 | around_town

St Margarets Road/A316 Roundabout Traffic Lights to be Replaced

Cllr Philip Morgan has been pressing the Highway Department to do this for many months; now, at last, it’s happening. Work will start on Tuesday April 6 and take 10 weeks. There will be temporary traffic signals for the first two weeks of the project, off peak only; the current permanent signals will operate from week 3 to week 10.

15 April 2010 | news

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