Marble Hill Playcentres are having their AGM at 7.00pm on Thursday, 18 March. It will be held at the One O’Clock Club in Marble Hill Park. We would welcome all parents to come to the One O’Clock Club to see what we can offer there and hear our plans for the year ahead.

There will be biscuits.

Marble Hill Placentres are also looking for VOLUNTEERS to serve on the COMMITTEE. We are hoping to find people with an enthusiasm for organisation and a willingness to get involved with staff in developing the facilities and strengthening our funding.

You will need to attend one or two committee meetings a month (at Marble Hill in summer and nearby in winter) but, more importantly, to contribute to developments between meetings. Marble Hill Playcentres is not just a place for children to play: it is a £100,000 business, employing up to 20 people. Committee members need to be able to take responsibility for key decisions affecting the One O’Clock Club and Adventure Playground. You will be offered training and help to build your skills as well as the support of our paid staff.

The position is voluntary but expenses (including babysitting) are payable.

Your initial commitment would be for just one year but we would hope that people will want to continue their involvement beyond that.

If you are interested, please contact the Chair, Sarah Liquorish by phone (88926732) or email (