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St Margarets Alliance and the North St Margarets Residents' Association

The North St Margarets Residents’ Association’s committee resolved on 23 February that the Association should withdraw from participation in the St Margarets Alliance with immediate effect.

28 February 2010 | news

Richmond Council's School Place Planning Update - February 2010

The Richmond Council will send this leaflet to all parents of school age parents tomorrow [PDF] outlining the current state of the issues around school places and the two options they are currently considering.

25 February 2010 | news

This is a Food War!

Seventy years ago, on the 8th January 1940, the wartime government introduced food rationing - a control that was to remain in force for the next fourteen years. All over the country people started tightening their belts at the sobering news that their personal weekly food ration would be:-

25 February 2010 | around_town

Calling Bands for St Margarets Fair 2010

!(photo right) 112h 150w !

25 February 2010 | news

The Marathon De Sables: 6 weeks to go

I’d firstly like to say a big thank you to all those who have kindly sponsored me to do this mad race, please if you would like to help me raise money for F.R.O.D.O. then please visit my just giving site at Thank you for all your support as it will keep me going through the tough stages of the race.

25 February 2010 | around_town

Richmond Fashion Week: SL Privée Spring Fashion Show @ Parvinu

Well the good news is that some of the world’s premier lingerie and swimwear brands are coming to you. SL Privée is delighted to invite your to its Spring Fashion Show at:

22 February 2010 | around_town

Council Purchase of Site for New Primary School

Richmond Council has negotiated the purchase of part of the former St John’s hospital site, in Strafford Road, Twickenham, for further primary school provision, subject to approval from Cabinet on Monday 22 February.

The purchase from the current owners, the South West London Mental Health Trust (MHT), will be conditional upon planning permission being obtained for the site.

17 February 2010 | news

The Sea Wall, the Shaduf and St Margarets

There was a time when the St Margarets that we know didn’t exist. No station. No shops. No pub. No cafes, No streets crammed with cars…nothing. The Thames flowed quietly towards the sea through an open parkland of grand houses, smallholdings and market gardens. Boatmen might stop at Richmond to drop off a passenger or pull into Isleworth to collect a cargo but between the two there was little catch their interest.

17 February 2010 | around_town

Interested in Joining a Local Choir?

The Community Choir, meets in the Music Centre, Richmond College, Egerton Road, Twickenham, Thursdays, 6.30-8.00pm during term time. All welcome (particularly male voices), no audition required. Information from or just turn up to a rehearsal.

17 February 2010 | around_town

The Killing of the Bees

About 200 years ago an agricultural expert working in Middlesex was surprised to discover how few people kept bees.

Honey bees

bq. “There are no bees of any consequence kept in the county. We rarely see a hive at a farm house, and perhaps not ten cottages in the county have any. It is lamentable that these most valuable insects should be so much neglected. Cottagers might pay their rent from the produce of their bees, which require little attendance and less provision. Their whole increase, wax and honey, is very nearly net profit; and they are also supposed to be very serviceable in promoting the increase of beans, peas etc.”

12 February 2010 | around_town

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