OK, I’ve now decided that this an April fool’s joke. It’s now only a matter of weeks until I leave to do this mad run on Easter Sunday. I was away over the Christmas period and managed to train in the heat and sand. It was excellent. However I did do one speed session of 4 x 800m repeats with 200m recover and I was nearly was sick! The temperature was only 35 degrees.

My weekly mileage is increasing, slightly more than the recommended 10%, but then I only have weeks to complete my peak training. I did about 70km last week and this week I ran 40km on Monday in just over four hours, with my 6kg pack on. Tuesday I ran repeat hills and today my quads have stopped working, so I’m resting! I’m rather stiff to say the least. Friends keep After Monday I felt good and I could have gone on for another 10-15 km. I did eat a pack of jelly babies during the run to give me the 30-60g of carbs that I need every hour.

My training the rest of the week will look like this:

  • Thursday - 10-14km easy pace run.
  • Friday - 10 km run at half marathon pace.
  • Saturday - 30-40 minute tempo run.
  • Sunday - Rest
  • Monday - long run 3-4 hours.
  • Tuesday - speed session 6 x 800m repeats

I’ve nearly collected all my kit. However, I need to get a sleeping bag which is light weight. I’m looking at one called Yeti which is only 295g. Weight is everything here as I’ll be carrying it. I do want to aim to carry about 6-8kg as I think this will be manageable.

I have now found out my race number which is 872 and there are only 29 women from the UK running. It’s getting close, so very close now. I am excited but also very nervous. Nerves are good, and I will try and use these productively. The race is 90 % mental attitude. I know I will need to dig deep, very deep during the double marathon day. I can do 40km so it’s only another 50km! Nearly there… only a few more k’s…

I am raising money for F.R.O.D.O. which is a charity transforming the quality of life and providing hope for disabled children in developing countries. If you would like to sponsor me then please visit justgiving.com/Georgie-Islip Thank you for all you support.

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– from Georgie Islip