Ugly Sisters

I have lived in St Margarets for many years now and my family and I really enjoy the events that are held in our community, we loved the recent Christmas Fair in Crown road.

So how does it happen?

The St Margarets Christmas Fair exists because of the generosity and commitment of the local independent traders supported by their chairman Simon Chapman of Cutters.

This year the Fair had the addition of the St Margarets show written by local writer Elizabeth Herry and choreographed by Abigail Cova from the Marble Hill Dance Studio based at the Crown Pub. The brief was something to celebrate the community in St Margarets, to thank the traders for their support and to include the nativity and the traditional meaning of Christmas, no difficulties there then. Oh and it had to be capable of going ahead with no rehearsals and not exactly knowing who would be there until the day.


Abigail and Liz had the first meeting in October on the 09.45 from St Margarets to Clapham Junction when they both happened to be in the same carriage. In a mad cap 15 minutes much to the interest of the rest of the commuters the show was conceived and responsibilities divided up. The next time all the participants met was on the day! Fortunately everybody had done what they said and the show could go on with the support of our local actors Jemma Churchill known for Waterloo Road, Holby City, Midsommer Murders, Paul Bown, Watching, Mersey Beat, and to be seen in the Christmas Special of My Family, Leslie Grantham, Dirty Den in Eastenders and appearing in Panto in Hastings this Christmas, and Lynn Faulds Wood, Watchdog, GMTV and numerous other TV current affairs programmes.

Lynn’s Bowel Cancer Campaign is a local charity based in Crown road. Scenery was provided by Archers and sponsored by Scrunch and all the children worked hard with Abigail to learn their dances. Chris from Rock and Fairy worked his address book and had found the Ugly Sisters. Siobhan from Lynn’s Bowel Cancer Campaign persuaded her very good friends Bill and Keith to work their magic with the music and sound. Perhaps, above all, a thank you to Anita Parker-Elms who plays a key role in the organisation of the events. There’s also Alistair the MC and Gary Flynn who donated the stage, and also the main sponsors the RFU and Richmond Council. It’s a team and a half.

So what’s next St Margarets’ Got Talent? or I’m a Celebrity Let Me Live Here? What ever it is you can guarantee it will be fun.

Mary - local mum proud to be part of St Margarets

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