OK, is this an April fool’s joke? I will be leaving to do this mad run on the 1st of April and then starting the race on Easter Sunday.

It has been a few months since I have written about my training, but I’ve just been slowly increasing my mileage and working at my training programme. Some days are good and some are just bad. The hardest part is setting out on my silly long runs. At the weekend when I should have been at a race (doing 28 miles on Friday and then 28 on Saturday) I felt so bad that I hadn’t joined my friend as I had a cold that I went for a 3 hours 40 minute run around Richmond Park and it was great! I think as I ran back to St Margarets, coughing and sounding like a goods train, I was probably running like Forest Gump, and I did have my head down so no one would recognise me. How could they? I was the only one running with a great big pack on my back covered in mud, so no one could see me!

Over the last few months I have been meeting up at Reigate Hill with my mad friend who’s doing the race. He is so mega fit, and whilst I’m trying to run up these inclines, my running becomes a walk because they are so steep. John runs by my side and tells me to plod up the hill (HOW?). However, my running becomes so slow that I’m quicker walking. I do catch him up eventually and we set off again. Finishing the run does feel so good.

So where am I now? I can happily (or some days not so happily) run 3 and a half to four hours with a 3 kg weight. I can nearly run back up to Reigate Hill having run up Box Hill, and I’m eating anything and everything I can. My training for the rest of the week is OK, and I am fitting in doing a speed session with a slow easy 6 mile run. However, my planned weight sessions keep being missed…

My challenges for the next few weeks are to run up Reigate Hill without stopping, so I’ll head there for a repeat hill session soon, and to do one long marathon run every four weeks. I will explain more about my training programme in the next few weeks.

I am raising money for F.R.O.D.O. and I have set up a just giving site. So if you so if you would like to sponsor me then please visit justgiving.com/Georgie-Islip Thank you for all you support.

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– from Georgie Islip