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Santa gets a Helping Hand from St Margarets Traders

Following a request for help from Santa Claus himself, the St Margarets Traders Association is delighted to announce that it has agreed to assist Santa this year by collecting children’s letters written to him and forwarding them on to his Lapland address. Children will then be able to collect their personalised reply letters from Santa within a couple of days.

Children in the St Margarets and surrounding area are from now, until after the St Margarets Christmas Fair on Sunday 6 December, able to post their letters to Santa without fear of postal strikes or delivery disruptions getting in the way. The service is looking for a 48 hour response rate.

Following a letter received from Santa earlier this month, the St Margarets Traders Association have agreed to help Santa and his trusty elves with the huge amount of post he receives from boys and girls in the St Margarets area. Once Santa has replied to a child’s letter, it will be whizzed back to St Margarets (via Elf Air) where the traders have arranged for his replies to be available for pick-up by the local children. Christmas made easy!

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30 November 2009 | news

Gas Pipe Replacement Outside the Turks Head Pub

Utility works outside the Turk’s Head in Winchester Road: These works relate to a gas pipe replacement project by National Grid Gas. They are relaying new gas pipes from the junction of Chertsey Road to outside property no. 47 in Winchester Road; the planned completion date is December 17.

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28 November 2009 | news

Fresh Bread Daily at Yellowwedge Cheese!

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26 November 2009 | around_town

Local Crime Maps

happy xmas from the police

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24 November 2009 | news

Event Reminder: St Mary's Advent Bazaar

St Mary’s Church Twickenham is running an Advent Bazaar on Friday 27th November 3pm - 9pm.

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24 November 2009 | around_town

Event Reminder: All Souls Advent Fair - 'The Gift'

All Souls Church is having an Advent Fair - ‘The Gift’ taking place at All Souls Church, Northcote Road from 1-5pm on Saturday 28th November.

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22 November 2009 | around_town

Continuing Train Problems

Because of extensive flood damage to a river bridge in the Feltham area, trains are currently unable to run on lines between Hounslow / Whitton and Feltham.

Network Rail engineers are working hard to provide a temporary solution which will allow a limited train service to operate next week. Until this is completed, a revised timetable is in operation on the affected routes. Journey times may be extended by up to 45 minutes.

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21 November 2009 | news

The Crane Park Shot Tower

How to make Musket Balls for your army

Take a lump of lead.

Heat it in a crucible until it melts.

Carefully pour the molten lead into a mould.

Wait until the lead has solidified.

Break open the mould and remove the lead ball.

File off any high spots or lumps

Check the ball for irregularities by rolling it down a slope.

Repeat the above 10,000 times - or more if you have a large army.

This slow process was how musket balls were made until 1782 when a Bristol plumber had a strange dream. William Watts imagined that he saw raindrops forming into perfectly round spheres as they fell through the air. Wondering if molten lead would behave in the same way he conducted an experiment in which he poured molten lead through a sieve from the tower of his local church. It worked!

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19 November 2009 | around_town

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