poster of opera evolution

Local St Margarets resident and Royal College of Art trained conceptual artist Ingrid Macody Lund Fraser, has recently been awarded support from the Arts Council to stage her production Opera Evolution at York House, Twickenham on Sunday 15th November 7pm.

Opera Evolution, is a live art performance event that promises a sumptuous evening of operatic performance art presenting six stage in the history of opera, from Baroue to Modern, alongside metaphoric references to evolutionary eras, spiced up with fashion and visual art.

Ingrid, a classically trained opera singer, has quietly been building a core group of fans for her singing, but this will be her first professional solo show, where she will expose her conceptual art and design skills as well as her operatic voice.

She will be presenting the following composers; Handel, Purcell/Baroque opera, Gl├╝ck/Reform opera, Mozart/Classicism, Wagner/Wagnerism, Verdi, Puccini/Italian Romantic opera and Stravinsky- representing Modern opera.

Multi award-winning pianist Nadine Andre will be accompanying Ingrid, Nadine has an impressive reputation as a performing and recording artist.

Ingrid has created a series of six large-scale canvases specifically for the performance which illustrate the evolution. The costunes are collaborations with leading fashion designers including Philip Treacy, SANS NY and Beyond the Valley.

Local creative hub St.Art has been working closely with Ingrid to launch this production.

To find out more about the event or to book tickets, please go online to